Most Ven. Bhikkuni SHI RURUI

Most Ven. Bhiksuni SHI RURUI is Vice President of the Buddhist Association of China, Vice President of Shanxi Provincial Buddhist Association, President of Wutaishan Bhiksuni Academy and Abbot of Pushousi Monastery in Wutaishan of Shanxi, China.

Most Ven. Bhikkuni SHI RURUI was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi in 1959. She studied and received B.A. in Taiyuan Normal College in 1980 and later studied for further education in Beijing Normal University and received M.A. in chinese literature there. When she was young, she once met with Most Ven. Bhikkuni TONG YUAN, former Vice President of both Shanxi Provincial Buddhist Association and Wutaishan Buddhist Association, then she was blessed with the teachings of that Buddhists should practice for all sentient beings out of sufferings by Most Ven. Bhikkuni master, and decided to work for Buddhism in all her life.

In December,1981, She became a nun under ordination by Most Ven. ZHI TONG in Fahaisi Monastery in Shaanxi, then went to studied in Sichuan Nunnery Academy and was taught by Most Ven. Bhikkuni LONG LIAN, Aidaotang Nunnery of Chengdu, Sichuan. In August, 1984, she became a Bhikkuni under ordination of percepts by Most Ven. SAN YI, in Shanghuayan Monastery in Datong, Shanxi. Following Most Ven. Bhikkuni TONG YUAN’s teachings of Avatamsaka is the sect, Vinaya is the code of conduct and the pure land is the destination, she reestablished Wutaishan Bhiksuni Academy (WBA) for unfulfilled wishes of the late Most Ven. Bhikkuni TONG YUAN in 1991.

In past thirty years, Most Ven. Bhikkuni SHI RURUI kept on studies in vinaya. Whatever conditions and surroundings it was, she could take strict disciplines to both her herself and students with sincerity offerings to triple gems and deep compassions to suffering people as well as following noble teachings of Lord Buddha. In response to development of Buddhism in China, she founded Three-in-one Buddhist educational model in Pushousi Monastery of Shanxi in 2006, with her experienced propagations and teachings in Buddhism for long period time. In the model, the three are organizations of Pushousi Monastery which is a nunnery temple, and Dachengsi Monastery which is a Bhiksuni academy, as well as Puti’aixin Association which is a Buddhist Charity Foundation, the one is a called Qing Tai Nursing Home for senior-aged people as charity unit.

In her ideas, Buddhist cultivation is the root of Sangha education with education as an assurance, and charity as the skillful means.The ideas aim to guide sentient beings in awakening to life and harmonizing the world. At present time, Most Ven. Bhikkuni SHI RURUI led Wutaishan Bhiksuni Academy into a new development period of propagation and Sangha education.