SUAH KIM (Bhikkhuni Soun )

Assistant Professor School of Free majors Tongmyong University
428 Sinseon-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, 608-711, Republic of Korea
Tel: 82-51-629-2822, (Fax) 82-51-629-2819, C.P.: +82-10-3143-0203


Ph. D. 2002 Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University, USA Dissertation: A Study of the Indian Commentaries on the Lankavatarasutra: Madhyamaka and Mind-only Philosophy

M. A. 1993 Department of Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies, Tokyo University, Tokyo Japan Dissertation: A Study of the Jeang- yaeng- sa Hyewon(in Japanese)

B. A. 1989 Department of Chan Buddhism, Dongguk University, Seoul Korea


Mahayana Buddhism of Philosophy and History; Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese Literature; Intellectual and religious transformation in India, Tibet and East Asian, Inner Asia, India; Dunhunag Studies; Religion and Ecology; Buddhism and Environmental Ethics; Buddhism and Evolutional Mind and Psychology; Korean Buddhism.

Primary field: Mahayana Buddhism of Philosophy and History; Religious Literature in Sanskrit, Tibet, and Chinese; Intellectual and Religious history and culture of India, Tibet and East Asia.

Secondary field: Dunhuang Studies; Religion and Ecology; Buddhist Psycology.

Classical Languages: Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese.
Modern Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

March 2011- Present Assistant Professor, School of Free Majors, Tongmyong University, Busan, Korea

July 2008 – Present Researcher, Center for Religious Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

November 2006 – May 2007 Lecturer, Academic division of Buddhist Television Network, Seoul, Korea

September 2005 – August 2006 Researcher and Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, K. U. Leuven, Belgium

Sept ember 2002 – August 2004 Researcher, Institute of Korean Buddhism and Culture, Dongguk University, Korea

September 2002 – July 2004 Lecturer, Department of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University, Korea

Recent Awards, Honors and Prizes
2005 International Scholarship from Porticus Foundation
2004 Bohyun Academy Award
2003 Jingak Academic Paper Award

Academic Achievements
Books in English:
2006 A Study of the Indian Commentaries on the Lankavatarasutra: Madhyamaka and Mind-only Philosophy, Dongguk University Press, Korea
Books in Korean:
2006 Madhyamaka and Yogacara (translation into Korean from Japanese), Dongguk University Press, Korea
2005 Buddhism and Ecology (translation into Korean from English, Co-Work), Dongguk University Press, Korea
2004 Crisis of Ecology, Environmental Ethics, World Community, Korean Information Strategy Development Institute, Korea (Co-Work)
2004 Buddhism Reading in One Night, Random House Joongang, Korea

Papers in English:
2004 The Mind-only thought in the Commentary on the Lankavatarasutra, International Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture, vol. 4
2003 A Problem of the Lankavatarasutra, International Journal of Buddhist Thought and Culture, vol. 2
2002 J??na?r?bhadra and J??navajra: Their Biographical Approaches, Dagak Sasang, vol. 5

Papers in Korean:
2012 Lankavatarasutra and The Truth, The New Korean Philosophical Association, vol. 70-4

Characteristics of Buddha’s Dialogic Method and Avyakatavada on the Lankavatarsutra, Religion and Culture vol. 22

2009 Examining Treatise of Four Faith, Association for Oriental philosophy, vol. 31

Indian Materialism Criticized by Buddhism, Korean Association for the History of Religion, vol. 56

2007 Ahimsa of Buddhism as the Basic Ethics for EcoBuddhism, Bulgyogak, vol. 29

2004 Study on the Compilation Periods of the Lankavatarasutra, Korean Association for the History of Religion, vol. 37

2004 A Study on Philosophy in Yogacarabhumi, Association of Korean Buddhism, vol. 36

2004 J??na?r?bhadra and J??navajra’s Biography and Mind-Only, Bulgyo-Yongu, vol. 20

2004 Identification of Jijiyiki vol. 4 in Dunhuang Manuscripts, Korean Association for Hoedang Studies, vol. 9

2003 Identity of the Lankavatarasutra in Indian Buddhism, Korean Association for Oriental philosophy, vol. 20

2004 Essentials of Development of Classical Tibetan (Japanese) by Enaba Shoshu, Wyolin, Korea
2003 Gentle or Harsh? The Practice of Right Speech in Engaged Buddhism by Christopher S. Queen, Sheklim, vol. 36

Serial Publications:
2003-2004 Overview of Korean Buddhism (12 times in English), Korean National Tourism Organization