Ayutthaya is ancient capital city of Thailand, situated about 76 kilometers, north of Bangkok. The city itself is surrounded with 3 major rivers, the Lopburi on the north, the Pasak on the east and the Chao Phya on the south and the west. The kingdom of Ayutthaya had been the capital of Thailand for 417 years between 1350 - 1767 with 33 kings of five dynasties ruling the successive kingdom

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Phranakhonsriayutthaya was the former capital of Thailand established on the bank of Chao Phraya River since the Buddhist Era 16 - 18. The traces of ancient cities and ruins, stories, chronicles, historical annals and stone tablets can be found at present. Prior to the establishment of Ayutthaya Kingdom in 1350, the town called "Ayothaya City" or "Ayothaya Srirama" or "City of King Rama" had been already constructed. In the east of the island. Ayutthya City was very prosperous in administration, politics and culture. At that time, three laws were used in the administration, that is, all-inclusive laws, slavery laws and loan laws.

King Ramathibodi I or King Uthong established Ayutthaya City as the capital in 1350. Ayutthaya had been the center of Siam for 417 years. The kingdom had been ruled by 33 kings from 5 dynasties, that is, Uthong Dynasty, Suphannabhumi Dynasty, Sukhothai Dynasty, Prasatthong Dynasty and Ban Plu Laung Dynasty. The kingdom lost the independence to Burma 2 times in 1569 where King Nereesuan the Great could redeem the independence in 1584 and the second time in 1767 where King Taksin could redeem the independence at the end of the same year. In addition, King Taksin also migrated people from Ayutthay Kingdom to establish Thonburi Kingdom, the new capital of Siam. However, Ayutthya was not deserted as some people still lived there. Thus, the city was appointed as the fourth-level city called "Muang Krung Kao."

King Bhuddhayodfah Chulalok the Great appointed Muang Krung Kao as the fourth-level city like in the reign of Thinburi dom. Later, King Rama V reformed the central and regional administration. The administration of "Theesapibarn" was established for the regional government. Namely, 304 cities in the same area were grouped as the county ruled by the commissioner. In 1895, the county of Krung Kao was established. Such county consisted of Ayutthaya, Angthong, Saraburi, Lopburi, Phromburi, Indraburi

and Singburi. Later, Indra City and Phrom City were included in Singburi. The county office was established in Ayutthaya. Later, in 1926, the county of Krung Kao was renamed as Ayutthaya County. As a result, Ayutthaya played more significant role on the administration. The construction of infrastructure influenced the development of Ayutthaya City. After the cancellation of Theesabibarn system in 1932, Ayutthay was changed to Phranakhonsriayutthaya Province until today.

In the period of the Prime Minister Field Marshal Por. Pibulsongkram, the policy was established to renovate the historic sites in Ayutthaya in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Buddhist century. In addition, in 1955, the Prime Minister of Burma visited Thailand and gave money in the sum of 200,000 Baht for the improvement of the temple and Phra Mongkholbopit. It could be mentioned that the significant renovation of ancient sites in Ayutthaya was seriously performed. Later, the Department of Fine Arts was responsible for the renovation. On 13 December 1991, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO then resolved and registered the ancient city of Ayutthaya as the "World Heritage."

Ayutthaya Kingdom had been established as the capital since 3 April 1350 and the kingdom was ended on 7 April 1767. During 417 years of the kingdom, there were a lot of stories related to the administration, independence redemption, heroic deeds, culture and tradition. Moreover, the city was abundant with plants and foods as the statement that There were fishes in water and rice in the fields.In addition, Phranakhonsriayutthaya Province was full of temples, palaces and historical sites. During the reign of Ayutthaya, the kingdom was totally ruled by 33 kings from 5 dynasties as follows:

1. Uthong Dynasty, 4 kings
2. Suphannabhumi, 13 kings
3. Sukhothai Dynasty, 7 kings
4. Prasatthong Dynasty, 4 kings
5. Ban Plu Laung Dynasty, 6 kings

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