Goh Seng Chai is currently active in many social and religious activities. Having for the last 51 years contributed to the advancement of harmony and peace in the community through social organizations. He has not just participated but successfully initiated programs and activities at the international, national, state and organizational levels. Through those activities, he has held many positions from being a member of the Executive Councils to managing as Assistant Honorary Secretary General and Honorary Secretary General to leadership roles of Vice Presidency and President.

As a Malaysian, he is member of the International Organizing Committee comprising of Buddhists Leaders from more than 26 countries to assist in the planning and organizing of United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations in Thailand, hosted by Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, an initiative sponsored by the Royal Thai Government. He is also appointed as the Assistant Secretary-General of the International Council of United Nations Day of Vesak (ICUNDV) which organized the annual celebration of the United Nations Day of Vesak in Thailand and Vietnam.

In 2002, two international conferences were held back to back in Shah Alam. He served as the Organizing Secretary of the 2nd Global Conference of Buddhism and as the Organizing Chairperson for the 22nd General Conference the World Fellowship of Buddhists and the 14th General Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youths, which was opened by our former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

When he was elected as a member of the Executive Council member of the World Fellowship of Buddhist at its 22nd General Conference in 2002, he played an active part in the meeting of the Executive Council by contributing various ideas and proposals. One of his many ideas was the first WFB 6-Year Plan 2006 - 2012 which was approved at the 23rd General Conference.

Since 1977, he has participated in many Buddhists Conferences, Seminars and Forums in Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Australia, Korea and Taiwan as well as in locally organized international events.

He was actively contributing to the society and community as a youth. From the late 1970s, through his participation in Majlis Belia (Youth Council), he served as a member of the Executive Council of Majlis Belia of Selangor (Selangor Youth Council). He has also served as Senior Vice President of the Federal Territory Youth Council for a number of years.

He also have the experience of conducting and organizing Buddhist Camps and courses on the structuring of Buddhist organizations and other courses needed by the Buddhist community.

In his career, he was an enthusiastic sports person taking part in many sports and recreational activities in his employment leading up to his later appointment as the a member of the Executive Committee for the Company's Recreation Club, Nestle, to oversee the employee's welfare and program.

Recently in October 2010, he was requested to assist in the formation of Nestle Retirees Association where he served as the Protem Secretary.

Currently, he is holding the following positions:

•  Consultant and Special Advisor to Buddhist Federation of Australia
•  Consultant and Special Advisor to United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia & New Zealand
•  Assistant Secretary-General of the International Council of United Nations Day of Vesak (ICUNDV) since 2008

Local in Malaysia
•  Consultant of the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM).
•  President of Loka Mitta Buddhist Fellowship Malaysia
•  President of Setia Alam Sambodhi Buddhist Association Selangor
•  Lay Advisor of Setenang Buddhist Society Selangor & Kuala Lumpur.
•  Director of Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia (YBBM).
•  Lay Advisor, YBBM Bodhi Park Building Committee responsible for the construction of a Buddhist Temple at U12, Shah Alam.
He has written 11 articles on the various aspects of Buddhism ranging from leadership, organizational to social issues that are being published in the Buddhist Channel, a website for Buddhists.

In recognition of his service to the Buddhist community, he was awarded the "Pingat Bakti Belia (PBB)" by the Selangor Youth Council in 1982 and "Outstanding Buddhist Worker" by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia in 1993. In the year 2000, His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Selangor Darul Ehsan conferred him the royal medal of "Pingat Jasa Kebaktian" (PJK) in recognition of his dedication in providing social services to the public.

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Date: 14 March 2011 (BE 2554)