Ven. Dr. Godagama Mangala Thero

Ven. Dr. Godagama Mangala thero was born in 1957 at Godagama in Kegalle. He received his primary education from Ganetenne Maha Vidyalaya until 1970. In 1971 he entered priesthood at Asgiri Mahaviharaya.

Dr. Mangala thero received his secondary education from Sangaraja Pirivena at Malwatta Viharaya and Sri Ghaneswara Pirivena at Gangaramaya, Hunupitiya from 1972 – 1978.

He is a Graduate of the University of Peradeniya. He obtained his Masters degree from Sri Lanka Pali and Buddhist University in 1977 and earned his PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of Peradeniya in 1999.

Dr. Mangala Thero started his career as a teacher and subsequently became the principal of Sri Sumangala College, Kandy in year 2000.

In 2003 he was appointed as the Vice Chancellor of the Buddhashrawaka University of Anuradhapura. After completing his three year term he devoted his time to educate young children by establishing Sri Chandananda Buddhist College.

Dr. Mangala Thero the founder of the school was instrumental in getting the school inaugurated and in the driving force behind the school.

He is the youngest disciple of the late Ven. Palipane Sri Chandananda Nayaka thero who left behind to this disciple a mission of educating both the Buddhist Clergy and laity. Dr. Mangala Thero who has had a good monastic training in his pirivena education and also a secular learning in his University education, started rendering his social and the religious service at the young age.

He embarked on implementing his late Nayaka thero’s vision. Following his foot step Ven.Dr. Mangala thero earned the international reputation working with the Buddhists and Buddhist Leaders of China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. Ven. Dr. Mangala thero contributed for the advancement of Buddhist literature by compiling and editing the following publications.

In addition, he has written many articles pertaining to the subjects Buddhism, Education and Sociology.
The positions he held recent past;

Local :
1.Senior Committee member of the Asgiriya Mahaviharaya Karaka Sangha Sabha.
2.Registrar and Head of the Chandananda International Buddhist Research Institute.
3.Patron, International Buddhist Academy (SIBA), Pallekele.
4.Principal - Sri Sumangala College, Kandy.
5.Vice - Chancellor, Buddhasharawaka University, Anuradhapura.
6.Principal, Sri Chandananda Buddhist College, Asgiriya, Kandy.

Foreign :
Member :
Constitution of International Council of United Nations day of Vesak – 2009.

Member :
The Association of Common Wealth Universities - 2006.

Founder :
of the “Palipane Sri Chandananda - China Academy”

Co-ordinator :
Mahaculalongkornraja Vidyalaya University, Thailand

Article from: Sri Chandananda Buddhist College