Assoc.Prof.Dr.Phra Sigambhirayarn (Somjin Sammapanyo)
Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Pali IX , MA., Ph.D.(Pali&Buddhist Studies)

APPOINTED July 28, 2549
BIRTH DATE September 28, 2503
BIRTH PLACE T. Lokklang, A. Lambalaimat, Buriram Province
BACKGROUND Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Sukothai Dharma University
M.A. (Buddhist Studies), Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya
Ph.D.(Pali&Buddhist Studies), BHU, India
WORK EXPERIENCE Permanent Academic Division Officer, 2537
Acting Director of Academic Section, 2538
Director of Academic Division, 2540
Acting Deputy Dean of Graduate School, 2540
Acting Dean of Graduate School, 2541
Dean of Graduate School, 2541 (appointed first time)
Dean of Graduate School, 2545 (appointed second time)
Acting Rector of Academic Section, 2549
ACADEMIC POSITION Associate Professor of Department of Buddhism, Faculty of Buddhism
AWARD Inventor Advantage Award (Semadhammacakkara), a kind encourging Buddhist Education, branch of Buddhist book writing
PUBLICATIONS -Mahayana Buddhism: development and its essence (Thai edition),2000
-Buddhist Philosophy: essences and development(Thai edition), 2001
-Buddhism and modern technology(Thai edition), 2002
-Tibetan Buddhist Culture(Thai edition), 2004

Translating Works:
-development of Buddhist Ethics, 1993
-Karma and Rebirth, 1992
-Development of thoughts in the pattern of ancient Indian, 1993
-Basic Buddhist Views, 1993
-Philosophy of Nargajuna, 1993
-Mahayana Buddhism, 1993
ARTICLES(THAI) -Vajarayana's analysis, 1994
-Nargajuna with contractary of time, existence, and in-existence, 1995
-Introduction to Vinayapitaka, 1995
-Philosophy of Madhyamika, 1997
-Search of Logics in Tripitaka and Buddhist Literature, 1997
-Critics of Aristotle's middle path and Buddhist Majjhimapada of Theravada, 1998
OFFICE ADDRESS Mahachulalongkornrajavityalaya University Room 101, 1st floor, Mahachula Building, Tha-Phracan, Phranakorn District, Bangkok 10200.
HOME ADDRESS Wat Pak Nam, Bhasicharoen (Phasi Charoen), Bangkok 10600