Jamie Cresswell

At present I am the Director of the ' Centre for Applied Buddhism: Buddhist Philosophy and Contemporary Life ' ( CfAB)

The CfAB is an educational centre which focuses on Buddhism and its application to people' s lives, in order to understand and develop our place in the modern world. We run a variety of talks; conferences and events open to the public. We also carry out research and have a substantial library of Buddhist studies. In this role I run sessions on Buddhism for the public and I visit schools to talk to young people about the philosophy of Buddhism and how Buddhist ideas may be used in individual lives.

Prior to this I was Director of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy UK. This institute was an academic research centre for Buddhism and Asian religions. I ran this institute from 1989 until the end of 2010 when it had to close due to lack of funding. Since then I have set up the CfAB

I studied at the School of Oriental and African studies, London University. I was awarded a first class honours degree in Buddhist Studies.

I have also carried out study and research on Buddhism at the Sharpham college of Contemporary Buddhism and with a variety of Buddhist teachers from different Buddhist traditions.

My interest includes the development of Buddhism in the west and Buddhism and its relevance and importance in contemporary society.

At present I am organising a conference called Transforming Conflict: Buddhist inspired ideas for personal and social change. This will take place in August this year in the UK.

In addition I am involved in a number if Intra Buddhist developments. I am the President of the European Buddhist Union.

I am the Chair of the Network of Buddhist Organisations - UK and I am a trustee of Religions for Peace - UK.

Last year I was appointed the Buddhist representative on the European Council of Religious Leaders, which is part of Religions for Peace international.